Primorsky Krai


October 17, 2021

Primorye Territory (Primorye) is a subject of the Russian Federation. The Primorsky Territory was formed on October 20, 1938 by a decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR "On the division of the Far Eastern Territory into Khabarovsk and Primorsky Territories" (Primorsky and Ussuriyskaya regions of the Far Eastern Territory were included in the Primorsky Territory, abolished in 1939 and 1943, respectively). It borders on the PRC in the west, on the DPRK in the southwest, and on the Khabarovsk Territory in the north.


Geographical location

Located in the south of the Far East, in the southeastern part of Russia. In the north it borders on the Khabarovsk Territory, in the west with the PRC, in the southwest with the DPRK, in the south and east it is washed by the Sea of ​​Japan. Large bay - Peter the Great. The shores of the bay are strongly indented and form internal bays: Amursky, Ussuriysky, Posieta, Strelok, Vostok, Nakhodka. The maximum length of the region (from the mouth of the Tumannaya River to the sources of the Samarga River) is about 900 km. The greatest width (from the valley of the Ussuri River to the coast of the Sea of ​​Japan) is about 280 km. The total length of the borders of the region is 3000 km, of which sea borders are about 1500 km.

Extreme points

The northernmost point of the region is located at the source of the Dagda River (a tributary of the Samarga) - 48 ° 28'N. NS. South - at the mouth of the Tumannaya River (Tumangan, Tumynjiang) on ​​the border with the DPRK - 42 ° 18'N. NS. Western - near the source of the Novgorodovka River - 130 ° 24''E. etc. Eastern - Cape Zolotoy - 139 ° 02 'east The distance between the extreme points is: North and South along the meridian - 900 km. Western and eastern equidistant parallel - 430 km.

Physical and geographical characteristics

The central and eastern parts of the region are occupied by the Sikhote-Alin mountains, in the west - the Ussuri and Prikhankayskaya lowlands. The spurs of the Manchurian-Korean mountains stretch along the southern borders with the PRC. The highest peak of the region is Mount Anik, 1933 meters high, located in the north-east of the region on the border with the Khabarovsk region. Large islands: Russian, Putyatina, Askold, Popova, Rikorda, Reineke, Bolshoi Pelis. In the southwest there is a large Khanka lake, along which the border with the PRC passes. The largest river in the region is the Ussuri, the sources of the Ussuri are located on the slopes of Mount Snezhnaya, northeast of Mount Cloud.

Time Zone

Primorsky Krai is located at one o'clock

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