October 17, 2021

Causality is a philosophical and physical concept; causal interdependence of events in time. Determination, in which, under the influence of one object (cause), the corresponding expected change of another object (consequence) occurs. One of the forms of relationship characterized by genetics, necessity. On the basis of its concept, a mechanistic picture of the world, the concept of determinism (Laplace, Spinoza) were built. The term causality (Latin causalis) is sometimes used as a synonym. Causality plays an important methodological role in scientific and everyday life knowledge. In control theory, causality characterizes the causal interdependence and inertia of processes in controlled objects and systems.

Causality in Philosophy

Starting with Hume, it has been criticized for the point that the effect is not always contained in the cause or the premise. Denying the objectivity of causality, Hume pointed to the subjectivity of its perception as such. The denial of the necessary causality, the recognition of the nonlinearity of development are important presumptions in postmodern philosophy and synergetics.

Buddhist philosophy

The Buddhist V.G. Lysenko suggests that, probably, the Buddhist theory of the interdependent emergence of pratya-samutpada is the first theory of causality in the world and unambiguously the first theory of causality in India. The theory was developed in an attempt to understand the causes of suffering and how to get rid of it. It is a combined interaction of various causal factors or conditions for the formation of a result. There are the following formulations of the concept of pratya-samutpada: “If there is this, then this is also there”; “If this is not there, then there is not even that”; “When there is this, that is, then, if this arises, then that arises, if this disappears, then that also disappears." The classic example of describing the action of interdependent origin is the example with the seed. When a seed is buried in the ground, it can become a plant and eventually bear fruit. But there are a number of conditions under which this can happen. The seed itself must be healthy, not damaged, rotted, not unripe, overripe, withered, etc. The planting of the seed must be correct,

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