The whole world will recognize us (Part 1)


May 28, 2022

“The whole world will recognize us, Pt. 1" is the third studio album by Russian singer Marie Kraimbreri, released on March 19, 2021 by Velvet Music. It was produced by the singer herself together with the composer Alex Davia. The release was preceded by the singles "Hiding in the Bathroom", "Ocean", "Airplane", "Bachelor", "If You Love Me" and "You Won't Forget Me". The disc consists of 9 compositions ranging from lyrical songs to dance tracks. The exclusive version of the album for Yandex.Music contains additional intros for each of the songs.

Background and Release

Work on the music album began in 2019. The first single released was the song "Hiding in the Bathroom", which was released on January 31, 2020. Then the hits "Ocean", "Airplane", "Bachelor", "If You Love Me" and "You Won't Forget Me" were released. Each track was released with a frequency of a week (except "Hiding in the bathroom" and "Ocean") until the release of the full official release of the album. The release took place on March 19, 2021. The album was produced by the singer herself - Marie Kraymbreri and composer Alex Davia. They also wrote the music and words for all the compositions. The album consists of 9 tracks, including both lyrical songs and dance tracks. According to Marie, the third disc became very personal and special for her. In April 2021, in honor of the release of the studio album, the singer presented a clothing collection together with the DNK Russia brand called “The whole world will recognize us” and went on a mini-tour in the format of a concert presentation, which took place in Moscow and St. Petersburg.


Commenting on the content of the album, Alexei Mazhaev, a reviewer for the InterMedia online publication, noted that he was expecting hits of the “Na Tatu” level, but received background songs where everything is in place, but lacks neither emotions nor catchy refrains. The compositions "Ocean", "If You Love Me" and "The whole world will recognize us" were singled out as the best from the album. He also noted that the poetic comments that were added to the exclusive edition for the Yandex.Music service did not distract from the songs at all, but rather harmoniously combined with them in their discreetness, but noted that in the "album with comments" I would like learn some details of the work on the songs, but instead you have to listen to naive poetry. List of k�