The results of the performances of Yustina Kovalchik


August 11, 2022

Below are the results of the Polish skier Justyna Kowalczyk, who is a two-time Olympic champion (2010 and 2014), a two-time world champion in 2009, a four-time winner of the World Cup in cross-country skiing. Kowalczyk has competed in four Olympic Games and nine World Championships. In 2018, she completed her cup career. The list includes the results of international competitions and cups, in which Yustina took part. Most of them are held under the auspices of the International Ski Federation (World Cup, Continental Cup, World Junior Championship and World Championship). It also reflects the starts in the framework of the Universiade organized by the International University Sports Federation, and the positions in the championships of Poland in different years. Marathon results include events hosted by Worldloppet and Ski Classics, as well as other races over 30 kilometers.

List legend

The sections are arranged according to the importance of sporting events, from the Olympic Games to marathon races, as well as performances at domestic competitions. Table: Place - position according to the finish protocol of the race; Day and Year — the date of the race; Location - the settlement that hosted the start; Discipline - a type of cross-country skiing with an indication of the length of the distance; Time - the period of time during which the winner of the race covered the distance (with the exception of the "Marathons" section, where Yustina's time is indicated directly); Loss - the time interval that separated the winner of the race and Justina Kowalczyk; Winner - the winner of the race; Notes - link to the source of information; Mnogodnevka - a multi-day ski race; Cycle - a series of ski marathons (the largest of them are Ski Classics and Worldloppet); Start - the place where the distance starts; Finish - the place where the distance ends; Style is the technique of skiing. Olympic Games The largest international winter sports competitions, held every four years under the auspices of the IOC. The Olympic skiing program includes skiathlon, individual sprint, time trial, relay, team sprint and mass start.