Republic of Kosovo


August 11, 2022

The Republic of Kosovo (Alb. Republika e Kosovës, Serb. Republic of Kosovo / Republika Kosovo) is a partially recognized state in Southeastern Europe, on the Balkan Peninsula, in the geographical region of Kosovo. The capital is Pristina. The official languages ​​are Albanian and Serbian. According to the Serbian constitution, the territory of the Republic of Kosovo is part of the Republic of Serbia and is part of it as the Autonomous Province of Kosovo and Metohija (abbr. Kosmet), but in fact Kosovo is not controlled by the Serbian authorities. In turn, the northern part of Kosovo, populated mainly by Serbs, is not subject to the authorities in Pristina.


In an approximate translation from the Serbian language, “Kosovo” means “land of blackbirds”, and “Metohija” means “church land” (Serb. Kos translates as “blackbird”, Greek μετοχή - “church allotment”). Albanians subdivide Kosovo into "Land of Dukagyini" (Alb. Rrafshi i Dukagjinit) and "Land of Kosovo" (Alb. Rrafshi i Kosovës), but use the name "Kosovo" in relation to the entire territory of Kosovo and Metohija, since the double name began to be actively used during the period the division of the historical region between Serbia and Montenegro after the Balkan wars (Kosovo fell to Serbia, and the main part of Metohija - to Montenegro). The Serbian tradition insists on the dual designation of the region, since, according to Serbian historiography, the historical region of Kosovo covers only the territory of Kosovo Polka and adjacent lands, while Metohija lies to the west to the border with Albania.

Physico-geographical characteristic

Kosovo is landlocked and located in the central part of the Balkan Peninsula in Southeast Europe. Its total area is 10,887 km². The territory of the country lies between the 42nd and 43rd parallels of northern latitude, as well as between the 20th and 22nd meridian of eastern longitude. The northernmost point of Kosovo is the village of Beloberda (43°14'N), the southernmost point is the village of Restelica (41°56'N). The extreme western point of the country is the village of God (20 ° 3 'E), the extreme eastern one is the village of Desivoitsa (21 ° 44' E). The highest peak in Kosovo is Velika Rudoka (2658 m), and the lowest point in Kosovo is the White Drin River (297 m above sea level). Most of Kosovo's borders are dominated by mountainous and high mountainous terrain. The most famous