Rome Opera House


January 24, 2022

The Roman Opera House, or Roman Opera (Italian: Teatro dell'Opera di Roma) is an opera house in Rome.


Built at the expense of Domenico Costanzi, designed by architect Achille Sfondrini. Opened in 1880 by Rossini's Semiramide as Teatro Costanzi. In 1926, the theater was purchased by the City Council of Rome and partially rebuilt (architect Marcello Piacentini). In 1928, the theater reopens, this time under the name of the Royal Opera House (Teatro Reale dell'Opera). In 1946, the theater received its current name, and in 1958 it was partially rebuilt for the second time.


This theater hosted world premieres of Puccini's Tosca (1900), Mascagni's Rustic Honor (1890), Iris (1898), Masks (1901) and others. Outstanding singers G. Bellinchoni, Darkle, Cotogni, R. Stagno, E. Repetto-Trisolini (XIX century) performed on the stage of the theater; A. Bonci, A. Galli-Curci, B. Gigli, E. Caruso, T. Skipa, Mercedes Llopart (XX century). Among the main conductors of the theater are Marinuzzi, Tullio Serafin, Santini, Bruno Bartoletti. Riccardo Muti was appointed honorary life director of the theater in August 2011. In 2014, amid months of financial difficulties, the theater filed for bankruptcy. In September 2014, the honorary life director of the theater, conductor Riccardo Muti, canceled all scheduled performances at the theater, calling the working conditions and atmosphere in the team unacceptable. In October 2014, theater director Carlo Fuortes announced that the orchestra and choir of the theater would be disbanded by the end of the year, and henceforth the theater would hire artists on an outsourcing basis.

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