Rhythm and Blues


October 17, 2021

Rhythm and blues, or rhythm and blues (from the English rhythm and blues, abbreviated R&B - rhythm and blues) - a style of popular music of African Americans, including elements of the blues. Initially, a generalized name for mass music based on the blues and jazz trends of the 1930-1940s. In the late 1940s, rhythm and blues became the official marketing term for the modern, rhythm-rich music of African American performers in the United States. Rhythm and blues was very popular among the youth of the 1940s and 1950s, and, together with country, contributed to the emergence of rock and roll. In 1969, Billboard magazine proposed a new term for popular music of this genre, renaming its hit parade "Best-Selling Soul Singles". Soul music has become a broader concept that includes music by artists of different races and nationalities.

Occurrence of the term

In 1947, in the process of preparing the Negro music chart for the American Billboard magazine, journalist Jerry Wexler considered that the name of the African American hit parade "Race Records" had a negative connotation. Therefore, he began to use the term "rhythm and blues" in his reviews. On June 17, 1949, Billboard officially adopted a new name, renaming the hit parade Rhythm & Blues Records. Thus, the magazine made rhythm and blues synonymous with black popular music. A year earlier, the record company RCA had adopted a similar name for Blues & Rhythm in its catalogs instead of Race Music. For some time, both names had the same circulation. So, at the beginning of 1949, the R-si-hey company presented a novelty to the recording industry - a 45 rpm gramophone record. The advertising kit sent out to shops and radio stations consisted of 7 LPs of different styles; the blues-and-rhythm style in this set was represented by Arthur Crudup's "It's All Right", in a cherry-colored cover. In 1950, the first major music festival of this direction was held - Blues & Rhythm Jubilee. However, over time, the phrase "rhythm and blues" turned out to be

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