Rock and roll


November 28, 2021

Rock and roll (from the English rock and roll or rock 'n' roll - "rock and roll") is a genre of popular music that spread in the United States in the late 1940s and early 1950s. Formed from a combination of elements of African American and "white" genres such as rhythm and blues and country. The style of white performers is also called rockabilly. Although elements of rock and roll can be heard in blues recordings of the 1920s and country recordings of the 1930s, the genre did not take on its name until 1954. The piano or saxophone was the leading instrument in the earliest styles of rock and roll, but these tended to be replaced or supplemented by the guitar in the mid to late 1950s. Distinctive features are a clear rhythm, a fast pace, and a relaxed performance. Traditional instruments are electric guitar, double bass, drums, piano and saxophone. The composition of rockabilly bands is usually 3 people (guitar, double bass, drums). Rock and roll is typically 4/4 (four quarters). In the early 1960s, the stylistic boundaries of rock and roll expanded, and a new independent genre appeared - rock music.


Rock and Roll is a synthesis of different styles of American music. In the 1950s, white and black musicians in the American South began mixing rhythm and blues, boogie-woogie, country and gospel for a new sound. Bill Haley used African American slang and boogie-woogie rhythms in his rhythmic country songs with a touch of jazz and boogie-woogie.

Origin of the term

It is believed that the musical term "rock and roll" was coined by Alan Freed, an energetic disc jockey from Cleveland, who did much to popularize new music, which at that time met with quite wide opposition from the conservative US society. Rock and roll was the first style in modern popular music, developed and played on an equal footing by both white and black performers [specify], which ultimately led to a partial decrease in the racial intensity of those years (despite the fact that this genre was purely apolitical) ... In addition to songs originally written in a new style, early rock and roll artists also performed folk songs, old blues, country and jazz compositions, giving them the style of rock

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