November 28, 2021

Russia or the Russian Federation (RF) is a state in Eastern Europe and North Asia. The territory of Russia within its constitutional boundaries is 17,125,191 km²; the population of the country (within its declared territory) is 146,171,015 people. (2021). It ranks first in the world in terms of territory, sixth in terms of GDP in terms of PPP, and ninth in terms of population. Moscow the capital. The state language throughout the country is Russian; in a number of regions of Russia, their own official languages ​​have also been established. The monetary unit is the Russian ruble. Russia is a federal presidential-parliamentary republic. Since December 31, 1999 (with a break in 2008-2012, when Dmitry Medvedev was president), the post of President of the Russian Federation has been held by Vladimir Putin. Since January 16, 2020, Mikhail Mishustin has been holding the post of Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation. Russia has 18 borders (16 land and 2 sea). The Russian Federation includes 85 subjects, 46 of which are called regions, 22 - republics, 9 - regions, 3 - federal cities, 4 - autonomous okrugs and 1 - autonomous region. In total, there are about 157 thousand settlements in the country. Russia is the coldest country in the world: 65% of its territory is covered with permafrost; Russia has the lowest average annual air temperature among all countries of the world, which is -5.5 ° С; in Russia there are: the North Pole of Cold; St. Petersburg is the northernmost city in the world with a population of over one million; Murmansk is the largest city in the world, located beyond the Arctic Circle; Norilsk is the largest Arctic city in Asia; Sabetta is the largest settlement north of 70 ° N. NS. Also, Russia is the country with the maximum temperature difference in the world: 116.6 ° C. Russia is a multinational state with a wide ethnocultural diversity. The majority of the population (about 75%) considers themselves to be Orthodox, which makes Russia the country with the largest Orthodox population in the world. Russia is a nuclear power; one of the leading space powers in the world. Russian is a language of world importance, one of the six official and working languages ​​of the UN, UNESCO and other international organizations. Russia is a permanent member of the Council

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