Rostov (football club)


May 28, 2022

Rostov is a Russian football club based in Rostov-on-Don. It was founded on May 10, 1930 under the name "Selmashstroy". In 1950, the club took part in the USSR championship for the first time, achieved the highest result in 1991, taking 4th place in the first league, the next season began in the top league of the newly formed Russian championship. The highest achievement in the championship of Russia is the 2nd place, taken in the championship 2015/16. First Division Winner 2008. Participant of 24 USSR Cup draws, the highest achievement is the 1/16 finals, achieved in 1954, 1964 and 1987, as well as all Russian Cup draws, Cup winner in 2014. In the 2016/2017 season, he participated in the group stage of the Champions League, the 1/8 finals of the Europa League.

History of the club


1930-1936 - "Selmashstroy" 1936-1941 - "Selmash" 1941-1953 - "Tractor" 1953-1957 - "Torpedo" 1957-2003 - Rostselmash Since 2003 - FC Rostov


It was founded on May 10, 1930 as a team of builders of the Rostselmash plant, after the construction was completed, it remained at the plant. According to some reports, the first reliable mention of the team is in the newspaper "Bolshevik Change" dated May 10, 1930: “The recently organized football team of Selmashstroy had friendly football matches in the city of Krasny Sulin. Both matches with the Sulina metalworkers and the Sulin team were lost by the Selmashstroy team with a score of 2:3. In June 1932, "Selmash" took part in the Spartakiad of Agricultural Engineering enterprises. In 1934, children's and youth teams began to appear at the plant, which took part in the championship of the city of their ages. In 1938, Selmash took part in the championship of the Central Council of the voluntary sports society bearing the name of the club, and took third place in this tournament. In 1940, the players were able to reach the semi-finals of the City Cup.

In the championships of the USSR

After the war in 1949, Rostov football players made their debut in the RSFSR Cup among the KFK teams, where after three victories they lost to Dynamo Stavropol and dropped out of the fight. Until 1950, the team did not take part in serious tournaments. In 1950, she took the start in the championship of the RSFSR. The first official match took place on May 28 in the championship of the RSFSR, where the Selmash team played in the southern zone of the Azov-Don group. good