Russian-Persian War (1826-1828)


October 17, 2021

The Russo-Persian War of 1826-1828 was a military conflict between Russia and Persia for domination in the Transcaucasus and the Caspian Sea region, as a result of which Russia finally consolidated its position in this region and annexed Eastern Armenia to its territory.


The Russo-Persian War of 1804-1813 ended with the signing of the Gulistan Peace Treaty (1813), according to which Persia recognized the annexation of Georgia, Dagestan and Eastern Armenia to Russia. In 1814, Persia signed a treaty with Great Britain, according to which it pledged not to let troops of any power through its territory to India. Great Britain, for its part, agreed to seek a revision of the Gulistan Treaty in favor of Persia, and in case of war, pledged to provide the Shah with monetary assistance in the amount of 200 thousand tumans a year and help with troops and weapons. British diplomats, seeking to end the Persian-Turkish war that began in 1821, pushed Feth Ali Shah and the heir to the throne Abbas Mirza to march against Russia. The tense international situation of 1825 and the uprising of the Decembrists were perceived in Persia as the most favorable moment for opposing Russia. The heir to the throne and ruler of Iranian Azerbaijan, Abbas-Mirza, who created a new army with the help of European instructors and considered himself capable of returning the lands lost in 1813, decided to take advantage of such a convenient, as it seemed to him, opportunity. The commander-in-chief of the Russian troops in the Caucasus, General A.P. Ermolov, warned Emperor Nicholas I that Persia was openly preparing for war. Nicholas I, in view of the escalating conflict with Turkey, was ready to cede the southern part of the Talysh Khanate to Persia for the neutrality of Persia. However, Prince A.S. Menshikov, whom Nicholas I sent to Tehran with instructions to ensure peace at any cost, could not achieve anything and left the Iranian capital.

Beginning of hostilities

On July 19 (31), 1826, the Persian army crossed the borders in the Mirak region without declaring war and invaded the Transcaucasus into the territory of the Karabakh and Talysh khanates. The bulk of the border "zemstvo guards", consisting of armed horse and foot peasants-Azerbaijan

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