Knight Bachelor


January 24, 2022

Knight Bachelor - in the British system of awards and honorary titles, the title of a person knighted by the monarch, but not included in the organized knightly orders of the United Kingdom.

Bachelors in Britain

Bachelor knights have been known since the time of Henry III (XIII century), long before the establishment of modern knightly orders (the oldest of them, the Order of the Garter, was established in 1350). A knight-bachelor in the Middle Ages is a knight who does not have the right to his own banner (English banner) and his own detachment of knights (unlike a banneret). The title of Knight Bachelor is given only to men; the equivalent title for women (Dame of the Order of the British Empire) is associated with the award of the corresponding degree of the Order of the British Empire. Members of the Supreme Court of England and Wales receive the title of Knights Bachelor or Dame of the Order of the British Empire ex officio (ex officio). More often than not, personal chivalry without being included in recognized orders of chivalry is awarded to civilians, especially people of art. A knight bachelor has the right to the title of sir, being awarded a junior degree of a knightly order that does not give such a right, or does not have state awards at all. For example, Sir Paul McCartney, being only a member of the order of the British Empire (the junior degree of the order), nevertheless has the right to the title of sir, as he was elevated to an undergraduate knighthood. On April 21, 1926, a special badge was installed, which knights-bachelors can wear on their clothes to indicate their status. In 1973, a badge worn on a neck ribbon (red with a yellow border) was additionally installed as an alternative to the badge. This badge is awarded to a knight bachelor upon initiation into a knighthood. Since 1998, both the badge and the badge on the neck ribbon have been allowed to be worn at the same time. Unlike the knights of the British orders, the knights bachelors are not assigned special letters after the name, indicating belonging to a particular knightly order. However, when using the title sir may be inconvenient (for example, in official documents), the word Knight or the abbreviation Kt may be used after the name.

Famous Bachelor Knights

The most famous Bachelor Knights: Peter Ustinov, Paul McCarthy

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