Ryazan province


July 3, 2022

Ryazan Governorate - an administrative-territorial unit of the Russian Empire, the Russian Republic and the RSFSR in 1796-1929. The provincial city is Ryazan.


The Ryazan province was located between 52°58' and 55°44' north latitude and between 38°30' and 41°45' east longitude. The area of ​​the province was 36,992 versts² (42,098 km²). The province was located on the last slopes of the Alaun flat hill, the spurs of which determine the nature of the three constituent parts of the province, or its sides: Ryazan, Steppe and Meshcherskaya, separated from each other by valleys pp. Okie and Prony. Spurs of a flat hill, entering from the west, from the side of the Tula province, form a rather flat, high area, stretching along Mikhailovsky and part of Skopinsky district. The Osetr, Vozha, Pavlovka, Istya and Pronya rivers, which flow into the Oka, as well as the Don River, originate here. The gently sloping slopes of this area spread across the province in two main branches. One of them heads east and northeast between the Oka and Pronya rivers through the counties of Zaraisky, Ryazansky and Pronsky, representing an undulating and in some places rather elevated area. The space bounded by the rivers Oka, Pronya and Osetr is called the "Ryazan Side". Another branch heads southeast between the Pronya and Don rivers, forming a series of hills in Skopinsky, Dankovsky and partly in Ryazhsky and Ranenburgsky counties, which serve as a watershed line of the Oka and Don basins. These hills reach the banks of the Oka, but in the southeast and east they gradually turn into plains, which have a completely steppe character. This part of the province, bounded by the right banks of the Pronya and Oka rivers, is called the "Steppe Side". Both of these parts, lying on the right side of the Oka, represent one elevated area with a common slope from the northwest to the southeast. The more elevated points of the province are located here: the city of Zaraysk (80 s.), the town of Skopin (73 s.), the village of Gudynka in the Pronsky district (54 s.). The outskirts of these parts, resting against the Oka, form high terraces, dissected by branching valleys and ravines. With the exception of a small amount of inconvenient land, the soil here consists mainly of chernozem (71%), it is quite fertile.