Health instructor


July 6, 2022

Sanitary instructor (abbreviated medical instructor; VUS - 878659A, composition of the accounting category (position) - sergeants in the Airborne Forces - senior lieutenant) - an official of the first link of the military medical service who has undergone special military medical training, including in the training unit, and responsible for the medical support of a company or battery. Medical instructors serve in military units, medical units of military units - Regiment Medical Post (MPP), and military medical units and institutions (OMedB, hospitals).


The medical instructor monitors the state of health of military personnel, monitors compliance with hygiene requirements in the unit, monitors the timeliness of washing personnel and changing linen, conducts physical examinations, and is also responsible for the preparedness of personnel in providing self-help and mutual assistance. The medical instructor organizes medical support for his unit (company, battery), using full-time (in a motorized rifle company), attached or allocated for this purpose from among the soldiers of orderlies (shooter-orderly, orderly-porter, driver-nurse). During the performance of service and combat missions by the company, including in wartime, in accordance with the task of his unit, the medical instructor, together with the orderlies subordinate to him, conducts medical reconnaissance of the area where the company is located and the fighting. Carries out a timely search for the wounded and sick and ensures the removal and / or removal of the injured from the battlefield (foci of defeat). Upon discovery of the wounded, he personally provides first aid, and, if necessary, first aid, regardless of the conditions of the situation. Controls the timeliness and quality of first aid provided by paramedics. Participates in the extraction of the wounded from the rubble, from tanks, combat vehicles and takes part in extinguishing the burning uniforms of the wounded.


The sanitary instructor reports directly to the company (unit) commander, and by specialty - to the doctor or paramedic of the battalion (who serves in the PMP in peacetime). He also reports to them about the medical situation. In first-aid posts and military medical institutions at the direction of a doctor�