Spain national football team


October 17, 2021

The Spanish national football team (Spanish: Selección de fútbol de España) is a team representing Spain in international football competitions. The governing body is the Royal Spanish Football Federation. The federation has been a member of FIFA since 1913, a member of UEFA since 1954. The national team is considered one of the leading teams in Europe and the world: the Spanish national team has three European championship titles in 1964, 2008 and 2012 (Spain became the first European team to defend the title) and the 2010 world championship title (on July 11, 2010, the national team won the final the Netherlands team with a score of 1: 0). Spain is the fifth European team (after Italy, Germany, England and France) to become world champion, and the fourth European team (after Italy, Germany and France) to win the World Cup and the European Championship. In July 2008, Spain reached the first line of the FIFA national team ranking, becoming the first team in history to never win the FIFA World Cup. As of 19 September 2019, the national team is ranked 7th in the FIFA rankings, and 4th in the UEFA rankings as of 11 October 2017. Sergio Ramos played the largest number of matches for the national team - 180 matches; top scorer of the national team - David Villa (59 goals). The current captain of the national team is the captain of the Barcelona club Sergio Busquets.


Early years

Following the model of the Football Association of England, in 1909 Spain created its own organization - the Royal Spanish Football Federation. The debut of the Spanish national team took place at the Olympic Games in Antwerp in 1920, where the team won silver. The national team played their first home international match in 1921 with Belgium, winning 2-0. At the 1934 World Cup in Italy, the team reached the quarter finals.

4th place at the 1950 World Cup

After the Spanish Civil War and World War II, at the 1950 World Cup, the squad successfully won the qualifying and group stages, reaching the final group, along with Uruguay, Brazil and Sweden. According to the 1950 regulations, gold was awarded to the team that took first place in the final group; silver and bronze - the teams that took the second and third places in the group, respectively. Then the national team of Uruguay won the second time.

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