Swing (musical term)


October 17, 2021

Swing (English swing - swing) - jazz rhythmic pattern, in which the first of each pair of played notes is prolonged, and the second is reduced. Swing - swing, swing. One of the most important expressive means of jazz in general, associated with a complex of techniques and acquiring a different character in different jazz styles. It consists in the presence of metro-rhythmic pulsation, in which there are deviations of rhythm in various layers of the texture from the main metric fractions of the ground beat. A means of creating tension, internal conflict. In most varieties of classical jazz, there is an agreement in which in a pair of notes, written as notes of the same length, the first note is played slightly longer than the second by a little more than half, perceived by ear as a triplet, the second note usually has a slight accent. Swing rhythm moved from jazz to early rock 'n' roll (for example - Rock Around the Clock, That'll Be the Day, No Particular Place To Go), but it did not spread in it, although it does sometimes occur. Also, this structure is often found in popular music, mainly in such styles as minimal techno, psychedelic trance, hardstyle, drum and bass, funky house, less often R&B.



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