Free content


October 17, 2021

Free content, free information, also free content / content or free materials - any functional work, work of art or other creative material and its content, the legal environment of which ensures their free use, development and distribution. Sometimes the criterion for referring to free material can be the observance of the developed principles for the definition of free cultural works.


A free cultural work is a work that does not have significant legal restrictions on people's freedom: use the material and benefit from its use, study the material and apply what you have learned, make and distribute copies of the work and individual parts of its content, improve the material and distribute its derivatives. That is, free material is the form and content of texts, images, music and other creative work, the license of which allows you to use them for any purpose (including commercial): copy, modify and distribute modified versions. Free material encompasses all works in the public domain, as well as those copyrighted works whose licenses provide, honor, and protect the freedom of use of the material mentioned above. Since copyright laws in most countries by default give copyright holders exclusive control over their creations, protected material must be specifically declared free, usually by mentioning or including licensing terms in the work.


Like free software licenses, free content licenses can be copyleft or non-copyleft. Software licenses often work for other types of work as well. Examples of copyleft licenses are the Design Science License (DSL) and the GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL). The FreeBSD Documentation License is an example of a non-copyright license. Free material also includes publications under some Creative Commons licenses that do not restrict commercial use or modification.


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