St. Andrews University


January 24, 2022

St. Andrews University (eng. University of St Andrews, abbr. St And) is the oldest university in Scotland, the third largest in the UK. Founded between 1410 and 1413 in the city of St. Andrews (St. Andrews) on the North Sea. Almost half of the students are foreigners.


Education began in 1410 by a group of Augustinians of Scottish origin, led by the prior of the local abbey, James Beeset, after they left the Sorbonne due to a split within the Catholic Church. The universities of England did not want to accept them because of the enmity with the Scots. The local bishop Henry Wardlaw confirmed the privileges of the educational institution on 02/28/1411 and turned to the Avignon Pope Benedict XIII for a bull on the foundation of the university. This document was published in August 1413. In 1423, the university was taken under the patronage of King James I and exempted from taxes. By the middle of the 16th century, there were three colleges: St. Salvator (1450), St. Leonard (1511) and St. Mary (1538). The religious strife of the 17th century, the loss of independence by Scotland and competition with the University of Edinburgh caused great damage to the quality of education. Deprived of the financial support of the Scottish crown, the university fell into decay in the 18th century. St. Leonard's College closed, and when Dr. Johnson visited the city in 1773, he counted less than a hundred students there. In the 19th century, St. Andrews began to regain its position, seeking recognition as one of the three university cities in Great Britain (along with Oxford and Cambridge). Until the beginning of the 20th century, the university remained committed to traditional humanities subjects: philosophy, theology, ancient languages ​​(Ancient Greek and Latin). From one of the colleges of the university, located in Dundee, the University of Dundee stood out in 1967.

Faculties and schools

The university is divided into four faculties: sciences, arts, medicine and theology. Faculties, in turn, are divided into schools. The Faculty of Science includes both natural (biology, mathematics, physics, etc.) and social (economics) sciences, each of which has its own school. Education for a bachelor's degree lasts from four to five years, with the first two not affecting the level of the diploma, and after the second

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