List of awards and nominations for the animated series "South Park"


January 24, 2022

For the entire time of the broadcast, the series "South Park" participated in 109 nominations and received 18 awards. The American Television Academy awarded the series 5 Primetime Emmy Awards in 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2013. South Park was awarded the 2006 Peabody Award, the 2007 American Film Institute Award, and the 2013 Annie Award. Series creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone were awarded the Producers Guild of America Award in 1998.

Emmy Award

The Primetime Emmy Awards are the premier American television awards presented annually by the American Television Academy. The first award ceremony took place in 1949 and was originally called simply the Emmy Award, until 1972 when the Daytime Emmy Award was created. The Emmys are considered the television equivalent of the Oscars (for film), the Grammy Awards (for music), and the Tony Awards (for theatre).

American Film Institute Award

The American Film Institute, since 2000, has compiled a list of the 10 best films and television series at the end of the year and recognizes them with its award.

Television Critics Association Award

The Television Critics Association Award is an annual American award for excellence in television. The award was established in 1984 by the Television Critics Association.

Television Critics' Choice Award

Founded in 2011, the American Television Critics' Choice Awards is presented annually by the Television Journalists' Association.

Producers Guild of America Award

The Producers Guild of America Awards is an annual award given for excellence in film and television by the Producers Guild of America since 1990.

Austin Film Festival Award

The Austin Film Festival is an annual film festival that promotes lesser-known screenwriters in the film industry.

International Dubbing Festival Award

The International Dubbing Festival is a festival dedicated to Italian dubbing, with the aim of promoting it and enhancing its art and heritage.

Peabody Award

The Peabody Award is an annual international award for outstanding contributions to broadcasting and television. Celebrates achievements in the field of things

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