List of honorary citizens of Banja Luka


July 3, 2022

Honorary Citizen of Banja Luka (Serb. Pochasni citizen of the city of Baže Luka) is an honorary title awarded by the leadership of Banja Luka on behalf of the city. The title can be awarded for: outstanding contribution to the development of the city, work and merits in construction, in the creation and preservation of relations and traditions with other local communities; achievement of exceptional results in business, mastering new technologies, technical improvements, innovations and rationalization; outstanding achievements and achieved high results in the field of education, science, culture, art, sports and physical culture; outstanding contribution to humanitarian and charitable work; courage shown in emergency situations to save lives and prevent property damage.


The list includes all those who were awarded the title of honorary citizen of Banja Luka - 12 people. The sign † denotes those to whom the title was awarded posthumously. Table: Year of assignment - the year when the title was awarded; Name - the name and surname of the honorary citizen; Photo - photo of an honorary citizen; Position/occupation at the time of awarding the title - profession or position held at the time the title was awarded; State - the country of which the person who received the title is a citizen; Years of life - dates of life of an honorary citizen; Note. - links to sources; Sorting can be carried out according to the following columns of the table: Year of assignment Name State

Honorary Citizens



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