List of rulers of Valencia


October 17, 2021

The Kingdom of Valencia (cat. Regne de València, Spanish Reino de Valencia) is an integral and indivisible territory belonging to the Crown of Aragon, but not legally dependent on the Kingdom of Aragon. Valencia received the status of a kingdom during the Reconquista, when the king of Aragon Jaime I (Spanish Jaime I el Conquistador) on October 2 [9], 1238 won the typhoon of the same name from the Arabs. Jaime proclaimed himself king of the city of Valencia and its territories. Despite the fact that from 1515 the kingdom was actually under the rule of the emperors of the Holy Roman Empire, and from 1556 - the kings of a united Spain, its rulers were considered independent; the order of numbering of kings, individual for the city, continued. After the suppression of the Spanish Habsburg branch, the War of the Spanish Succession began. According to Philip's will, the Duke of Anjou was recognized as king of Spain, but he was not crowned in Valencia; his rival to the throne of Spain, Charles VI, seized Valencia in 1710 and even took the oath of allegiance to the city's Cortes. Philip also published the so-called. "Decrees of Nueva Planta" (Spanish Decretos de Nueva Planta), one of which liquidated the governing bodies of Valencia, including the institution of the monarchy and the Cortes. Having retained the crown of Spain under the Treaty of Utrecht, Philip again confirmed his decrees, which meant the final abolition of the kingdom. However, the term "Kingdom of Valencia" nominally existed and appeared in documents until 1833, when Javier de Burgos officially recognized Valencia as a province.

Aragonese House

The successors and descendants of the founder and first king of Valencia, Jaime I, ruled until May 22 [31], 1410, when Martin I (Spanish Martín I de Aragón) died. His only son, King Martin the Younger of Sicily, died on July 16 [25], 1409. The Aragonese interregnum followed.

Rod of Trastamara

On January 14 [23], 1412, at the suggestion of Pope Benedict XIII, the formation of a commission began in the city of Casp, which would be able to reconcile the candidates for the throne. On June 19 [28], 1412, the appointed judges declared Ferdinand of Castile the closest relative of the deceased. The Trastamara dynasty ascended the throne of Aragon and Valencia.

Austrian house

When Juana I lost her mind in 1506, and in the same year her husband and co-ruler Philip of Burgundy died, from her name

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