List of rulers of Colombia


July 3, 2022

The President of Colombia is the head of state and government of Colombia. On the territory of modern Colombia from ancient times to our time, there were various states with different systems of government. In ancient times, the most significant culture in the country was the Chibcha culture, which created a number of state formations. The southwest of the country, the Andes region on the modern border with Ecuador, was part of the Inca Empire. After the beginning of the Spanish colonization in 1550, the audience of New Granada was created, thus for the first time it was separated into a separate administrative unit within the Viceroyalty of Peru. After the accession of the Bourbons in Spain in the 18th century, a separate viceroyalty of New Granada was created, which included the audience of Quito (modern Ecuador), the captaincy general of Venezuela and the territory of modern Panama. The period after independence from Spain and the establishment of a provisional government is known as the "Stupid Homeland". In 1819-1823, during the anti-colonial wars, independence was finally approved. Venezuela seceded from Colombia in 1829 and Ecuador in 1830. In this regard, the state changed its name to New Granada. This list of rulers of Colombia lists in chronological order the persons who headed the state formations on the territory of Colombia throughout its history, starting with the Spanish colonization. After the declaration of independence, due to historical events and constitutional restrictions, the heads of the executive branch were not always called presidents, but replaced this post under various titles.


The list provides information about people using the Spanish naming system.

Pre-Columbian Era

In the pre-Hispanic period, the states of the Chibcha Muisca existed on the territory of Colombia. These states were destroyed by the Spanish colonizers.

Colony New Kingdom of Granada (1538-1718)

Viceroyalty of New Granada (1718-1724)

New Granada as part of the Viceroyalty of Peru (1724-1740)

Viceroyalty of New Granada (1740-1813)

Stupid homeland (recognized the power of Ferdinand VII)

The stupid motherland is a period in Colombian history when the