January 24, 2022

Sponsor (from Latin spondeo - I vouch, I guarantee) - a person who finances the activities of others. The sponsor, unlike the investor, finances without the purpose of obtaining direct material benefits, however, sponsorship, unlike charity, is a marketing tool that is used to create a positive image and advertising of the sponsor.

Clarification of the concept

Sponsoring is one of the most important marketing tools. Sponsor - a person or group of persons who provides support similar to a benefactor. However, unlike charity, sponsorship is not disinterested. Sponsorship can be contractual, exchanged for advertising in order to popularize a product or legal entity. For example, a sponsor may provide for the purchase or rental of equipment for a well-known athlete or sports team in exchange for displaying its trademark on the equipment of that athlete or team. The sponsor thereby earns a rating, and the sponsor earns money or other material benefits. This type of sponsorship is common in sports, the arts, the media and philanthropy. For example, Formula 1 teams have long relied on revenue from tobacco advertising displayed on the sides of the teams' cars. Other types of business sponsorship include sponsoring various types of entertainment events that highlight a variety of events, while bearing the name of the sponsor. Juan Antonio Samaranch made the Olympic movement financially self-sustaining by organizing event sponsorships and contractual television broadcasts that bring in large sums to the budget of the International Olympic Committee. It is not uncommon for companies to subsidize gratuitously in order to create a benevolent image in society, which ensures their good reputation. However, sponsorship is more often used in order to benefit from cooperation with the entity promoting this trademark, which, as a result of such cooperation, receives material support in one form or another. sometimes sponsors

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