Tagiev, Haji Zeynalabdin


May 28, 2022

Haji Zeynalabdin Taghi ogly Tagiev (Azerbaijani Hacı Zeynalabdin Tağıyev; 1823 or January 1838, Baku - September 1, 1924, Mardakan) - Azerbaijani industrialist, public and political figure, millionaire and philanthropist, active state councilor of the IV class (1903), commerce adviser ( 1905), merchant of the 1st guild, hereditary honorary citizen (1900), philanthropist and philanthropist. Tagiyev was one of the pioneers of the Baku oil industry. Founded in 1873 by the firm "G. Z. A. Tagiev” in the mid-1890s owned lands and fields on the Bibi-Heybat area, oil storage facilities, kerosene and oil refineries, as well as oil tankers on the Caspian Sea. Tagiyev also owned a textile factory, fisheries, trading companies, a merchant bank, etc. Tagiev was the most famous among the major Muslim oil producers in Baku and the richest Muslim in the Russian Empire. His capital was about 16 million rubles, and by the end of 1917, according to incomplete data, 30 million rubles. Tagiev played an outstanding role in the development of the economic potential of the Caucasus at the turn of the 19th-20th centuries. Tagiyev was one of the most famous oil philanthropist barons. He was the head of the charitable educational society "Neshri Maarif" and a member of the Society for the Education of Muslims of Dagestan. In 1917, he participated in the financing of the Union of United Highlanders. Tagiyev also founded a theater in Baku, where national plays and operas were staged. In addition, Tagiyev financed several publications, including the newspapers Kaspiy and Hayat, organized and published the first translation of the Koran into Azerbaijani, and also financed the construction of the Baku-Shollar water pipeline. Tagiev financially supported a number of primary schools in the Baku, Elizavetpol, Erivan provinces, assisted in financing educational institutions in Georgia, the North Caucasus, the Volga region, Poland, Iran, and spent funds on training national personnel. In 1901, he founded and financed a school for Muslim girls in Baku, and in 1913 he founded pedagogical courses at the school. In his letter to Nicholas II, D. I. Mendeleev wrote that Tagiev donates “a lot to schools in order to revive and elevate his native city”