August 20, 2022

Terrorism is a policy based on the systematic use of terror. Synonyms for the word "terror" (from Latin terror - "fear", "horror") are the words "violence", "intimidation", "intimidation". This word became common in various states and countries after the "Age of Terror" during the French Revolution. Despite the legal force of the term "terrorism", it does not have an unambiguous definition. However, the most common opinion refers to this term as: "the achievement by violent means of political, ideological, economic and religious goals." Terrorism is defined in Russian law as the ideology of violence and the practice of influencing public consciousness, decision-making by state authorities, local governments or international organizations, associated with forceful influence, intimidation of the civilian population and / or other forms of illegal violent actions. In US law - as a deliberate, politically motivated violence committed against civilians or objects by subnational groups of the federal level or clandestine agents and organizations, usually with the aim of influencing the mood of society. In the late 1960s, a specific form of terrorism appeared - international terrorism.

Types of terrorism

According to the nature of the subject of terrorist activity, terrorism is divided into: Unorganized or individual (lone terrorism) - in this case, a terrorist attack (less often, a series of terrorist attacks) is carried out by one or two people who are not behind any organization (Dmitry Karakozov, Vera Zasulich, Ravachol, Timothy McVeigh, etc.). Often such attacks are committed by mentally ill people under the influence of motives that only they understand; Organized, collective - terrorist activity is planned and implemented by a certain organization (Narodnaya Volya, Social Revolutionaries, IRA, Al-Qaeda, ISIS, White Terror, Red Terror, etc.) Organized terrorism is the most common in the modern world. By purposefulness, terrorism is divided into: National - pursues separatist or national liberation goals; Religious - may be associated with the struggle of adherents �