October 17, 2021

Turner - a machine operator, a specialist in turning - processing by cutting rotating workpieces or rotating cutting tools, in processing wood, metal, plastic, etc. as well as a general-purpose machine operator. In the USSR, there was a qualification of a universal turner.

Professional Features

The duties of a turner include machining and boring various materials, including tapping, sizing and drilling. Processing is carried out on a lathe using cutting tools in accordance with the drawings and documentation attached to the workpiece. For example, in Russia, the professional functions of a 6th grade turner include: Turning and finishing on universal lathes of complex experimental and expensive parts and tools in 1–5 grades with a large number of transitions and settings, with hard-to-reach places for processing and measurement, requiring combined fastening and high-precision alignment in various planes when installing. Lapping and polishing according to the 5th grade of a complex special tool of various configurations with several mating surfaces. Cutting multi-start threads of a complex profile of any module and pitch. The final cutting of the profile of the worms in 6-7 degrees of accuracy. Turning of complex large-sized parts, assemblies and thin-walled long parts subject to deformation on universal and unique lathes. Turning of new and regrinding of worn-out rolls with calibration of complex profiles, including the execution of the specified work on the processing of parts and tools from difficult-to-machine, high-alloy heat-resistant materials by the method of combined plasma-mechanical processing. There are also highly specialized professions of turners, enshrined in the Russian Unified Tariff and Qualification Reference Book of Work and Professions of Workers (ETKS). A short list of such professions according to the ETKS RF: turner on metal-spinning machines; stone turner; a turner for the processing of abrasive products; machining turner

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