Transcaucasian Highway


May 28, 2022

The Transcaucasian Highway (Transkam; TransKAM; TKM) is one of the federal highways connecting Russia with the Transcaucasus, namely with the territory of the former South Ossetian Autonomous Region. It starts from the city of Alagir, goes along the Alagir Gorge along the banks of the Ardon River, then along the Nardon and Zakka Rivers. Further, passing through the Roki tunnel under the Main Caucasian Range in the area of ​​the Roki Pass, the route enters South Ossetia, descending along the banks of the Sbadon, Ermanidon and Bolshaya Liakhvi rivers to the capital of the self-proclaimed Republic of South Ossetia, the city of Tskhinvali, and then goes to the territory controlled by Georgia to the city of Gori. Sometimes the Transkam includes a section of the Ossetian Military Highway from Vladikavkaz to Alagir. The Russian part of the Transkam is officially called A164. Until 2018, it was called R297. Previously, the A164 number was worn by the Kultuk-Mondy highway in the Republic of Buryatia (now A333). The total length of the Transkam is 164 km (the Russian part of the route (from Alagir to the border with South Ossetia) is about 97 km long, from the southern portal of the Roki tunnel to Tskhinval about 43 km, from Tskhinval to Gori 32 km. Most of the Transkam passes through the highlands. The road is considered year-round, however, from November to May, traffic along the highway is limited due to regular avalanches, mudflows, and rockfalls. On the Russian territory (Alagirsky district of North Ossetia), the road is maintained by the federal state institution "Administration of the Order of the Badge of Honor of the North Caucasian Highways of the Federal Road Agency" (FKU Uprdor "Northern Caucasus"). On the territory of South Ossetia (Dzau and Tskhinvali regions) the road is serviced by South Ossetian road services.

Meaning of the road

Transkam is the only year-round road connecting North Ossetia with South Ossetia, as well as the shortest route from the European part of Russia to the Transcaucasus, Turkey and Iran. Until 2003, the Transkam was also used for cargo communication with Armenia and other countries of the Transcaucasus. After 2008, it is impossible due to the transition of the Georgian-Ossetian conflict into an acute phase and the closure of the Georgian-South Ossetian border. Highway "Kavkaz" and �