Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic


July 6, 2022

Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic (Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, Ukrainian SSR; Ukrainian Ukrainian Radianska Socialist Republic, URSR, Ukrainian RSR) is a socialist Ukrainian state, proclaimed on part of the territory of the former Russian Empire on March 10, 1919; one of the founding states of the USSR, since 1922 - a union republic in its composition. The Ukrainian SSR was proclaimed on March 10, 1919 (as a successor to the Bolshevik UNRS, proclaimed on December 25, 1917 and legally existed until March 1918). After the end of the Civil War, she became a co-founder of the USSR on December 30, 1922 and became part of it as a union republic. In 1939-1940, the territory of the Ukrainian SSR was enlarged due to the annexation of Western Ukraine and Northern Bukovina, in 1945 - Transcarpathian Ukraine, in 1954 - Crimea. It was located in the southwest of the European part of the USSR. After the Great Patriotic War, in the west and south-west of the Ukrainian SSR, the state border of the USSR with the socialist countries: Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, and Romania passed. It bordered on the Byelorussian SSR in the north, on the RSFSR in the east and northeast, and on the Moldavian SSR in the southwest. In the south, the territory of the Ukrainian SSR was washed by the waters of the Black and Azov Seas. The Ukrainian SSR was the third in area after the RSFSR and the Kazakh SSR and the second in terms of population after the RSFSR republic of the USSR. The area is 603.7 thousand km2. Population - 49.1 million people. (as of January 1, 1976). The capital is Kyiv. Before the adoption of the Constitution of the USSR in 1936, the official name was the Ukrainian Socialist Soviet Republic. Along with the USSR and the BSSR, she was a sovereign co-founder of the UN in 1945. On August 24, 1991, the Supreme Soviet of the Ukrainian SSR adopted the Act of Declaration of Independence and the resolution "On the Declaration of Independence of Ukraine". These documents proclaimed the independence of Ukraine and the creation of an independent Ukrainian state. In accordance with the act, the territory of Ukraine is indivisible and inviolable, and henceforth only the Constitution and laws of Ukraine operate on its territory. The act of declaring independence was confirmed at an all-Ukrainian referendum on December 1, 1991.


To combat the non-Soviet UNR, proclaimed by the III Universal Ukrainian