Fedorina, Olga Pavlovna


July 6, 2022

Olga Pavlovna Fedorina (November 8, 1921, Ilyinka village - March 18, 2017, Simferopol) - Soviet theater and film actress.


Born in 1921 in the village of Ilyinka, Leninsky district of the Kazakh SSR. Russian. In the spring of 1940 she graduated from the 10th grade at the 1st secondary school in the city of Kemerovo. In the autumn of 1940 she arrived in Leningrad and entered the First Leningrad Medical Institute. Wandering around Leningrad, I came across an announcement about inviting girls for mass filming by the Lenfilm film studio, so I got the episodic role of the Chizhik medical officer in the film Frontline Friends, which was released on the screen in May 1941. After the beginning of the Great Patriotic War on June 22, the shooting of the promotional short film “Girlfriends, to the front!” began. - a kind of spin-off of the film "Frontline Friends", in which she again played "Chizhika", but already in the lead role - according to the plot, the former combatant signs up for nurses' chickens, urging the girls to follow her example. The film was released on July 14, but she herself was already at the front - in fact, realizing her role in reality, she volunteered as a medical instructor in the 3rd division of the people's militia formed from residents of the Petrogradsky district of the city of Leningrad, which later became the 44th rifle division - senior lieutenant, operating room nurse in the surgical department of the 78th separate medical battalion. At the front, in her, a nurse, wounded soldiers more than once recognized the heroine of the film ... From the first days of World War II, the heroine of the film, Olga Fedorina, who was called Chizhik, was in the active units of the Red Army. In one of our medical battalions, wounded soldiers and commanders saw her near them not on the screen, but alive and just as courageous and caring, energetic and cheerful as they remembered her from the film ... comrade Fedorina from the first days of World War II volunteered in the ranks of the army. Being a surgical nurse, in the most difficult conditions, she bandaged the wounded and, sparing no effort, carefully looked after them, saving not a single fighter and commander's life. She was awarded the medals "For Military Merit" (1942), "For the Defense of Leningrad" (1943), "For the Victory over Germany" (1945), the Order of the Patriotic War, 1st degree (1985). After the war, she graduated from the Odessa Theater School, became a deputy