Fairhain, Siegfried


January 24, 2022

Siegfried Verhein (German: Siegfried Verhein; October 1, 1897 - June 30, 1963) was a lieutenant general of the ground forces of Nazi Germany, during the Second World War, the commander of the 551st and 28th infantry divisions of the Wehrmacht.


He was born on October 1, 1887 in Galkov (a district of the commune of Lessin). Son of Julius Verhein, owner of the knight's manor. He began his service in the Prussian Army on July 2, 1915 with the rank of Fahnejunker in the 38th Front Pomeranian Artillery Regiment, on September 4, 1916 he was promoted to lieutenant (seniority from July 13, 1915). During WWI, he served as an artillery battery officer, ordinance officer, supply adjutant, and battery commander. He was awarded the Iron Crosses 2nd and 1st class, at the end of the war he was an ordinance officer at the headquarters of the 3rd Infantry Division. From October 1, 1919, Verhein served in the Reichswehr with the rank of lieutenant (according to the documents, the beginning of his service was counted from August 1, 1916). Later he was commander of the 2nd artillery brigade of the Reichswehr. In the spring of 1920, he was transferred to the 2nd Reichswehr Artillery Regiment due to the reduction of the German armed forces to 200 thousand people, later served in the 2nd Prussian Artillery Regiment (with the Reichswehr reduced to 100 thousand people) as a battery officer, served until 1924 in 2nd Battery Regiment. In the summer of 1925 he was promoted to lieutenant (seniority from April 1, 1925), served in the 2nd battery in Stettin. From October 1, 1926 - Adjutant of the 1st Department of the 2nd Artillery Regiment in Stettin, on July 31, 1930, he was dismissed from the active service of the Reichswehr. Verhein later continued to serve on the Pomeranian frontier. On March 1, 1934 he returned to active service with the rank of captain (seniority from April 1, 1933). He served in the 2nd Artillery Regiment, after the transformation of the Reichswehr into the Wehrmacht, he was appointed battery commander of the Stettin Artillery Regiment. On October 15, 1935, he became a battery commander in the transformed 2nd Artillery Regiment, from October 1, 1936 he taught tactics at the Dresden Military School, and on January 1, 1937 he was promoted to major. He worked at the school until its closure in the summer of 1939 and the start of World War II; at that time he was also the owner of the Galkov family estate with an area of ​​279 hectares. From the beginning of September 1939 - at the disposal of the command of the land

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