August 11, 2022

Physiotherapy (Greek phýsis, nature + therapéia, treatment) is the name of a direction in medicine that has different meanings in Western Europe, the USA and in the post-Soviet space. In the so-called "Western" definition, physiotherapy is the services provided by physiotherapists to patients with the aim of developing, maintaining and restoring maximum freedom of movement of the body and functionality throughout life. Services are provided in cases where the functionality and mobility of the body is impaired as a result of aging, injury, pain, disease, disorder, condition or environmental factors, with the understanding that full-functional movement is the most important factor in health. In the USSR, physiotherapy was understood as a field of clinical medicine that studies the therapeutic effect of natural and artificially created natural factors on the human body. In modern Russia, the definition of physiotherapy is ambiguous. Most authors define it as "the science of the use of natural and preformed physical factors for the treatment and prevention of disease", but the word "preformed" causes difficulties in its interpretation. At the same time, one of the most authoritative authors, Professor G.N. Ponomarenko, gives different definitions in different publications: “Physiotherapy is the science of the application of various physical methods in the treatment of patients and the prevention of diseases”; "modern physiotherapy is a field of clinical medicine that studies the effect on the body of natural and artificial physical factors used to treat patients and improve the health of the population."


The goal of physiotherapy is the treatment of any disease using experimental physical methods of influencing the patient's body. Treatment with drugs in certain situations is certainly justified, but this raises the possibility of unwanted and unforeseen side effects. Physiotherapy is generally safe and has few side effects, which partly explains its high popularity among patients; its disadvantage is that it often does not help in the treatment of diseases. Surgery is usually