May 22, 2022

Flash mob (pronounced flash mob; from English flash mob, literally - instant crowd [flash - moment, moment, mob - crowd]) - a pre-planned mass action in which a large group of people appears in a public place, performs pre-agreed actions (scenario) and then diverges. Flash mob is a kind of smart mob. The collection of flash mob participants is carried out using electronic means of communication (mainly the Internet).


The flash mob is designed for casual viewers, causing mixed feelings of incomprehension, interest and even participation. Among the possible options, flash mob participants often look for: entertainment; feel free from social stereotypes of behavior; impress others; self-affirmation (test yourself: “Can I do this in public?”); trying to get a thrill; a sense of belonging to a common cause; get the effect, as from group psychotherapy; emotional recharge; the acquisition of new friends. The goals of the flash mob are achieved due to the "crowd effect". Participants in such actions, in life, are often quite successful and serious people. Some psychologists explain participation in flash mobs by the fact that everyday life and everyday worries tire them. Basic principles of the flash mob: Spontaneity in the broadest sense. The absence of a centralized leadership, an elected commander. Absence of any financial or advertising purposes. Depersonification; flashmob participants (ideally, these are completely strangers) during the action should not show in any way that something connects them. Refusal to cover the flash mob in the media. Generally accepted rules of the flash mob: None of the participants pays or receives money. The action must appear spontaneous. You should get the impression that mobbers are just as random passers-by as everyone else. The scenario most often has an absurd character (the actions of mobbers should not lend themselves to a logical explanation, with the exception of a dance flash mob). The flash mob should cause bewilderment, not laughter (all participants should do everything with a serious look). The flash mob should not contain advertising or its elements, the actions do not force anyone to vote for anyone.


The origin of the communication flash mob