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October 17, 2021

"Photomagnification" (English Blowup, Italian. Blow-Up) is a film-parable by Michelangelo Antonioni based on Julio Cortazar's story "The Devil's Drool", which was written under the impression of watching Alfred Hitchcock's "Window to the Courtyard". This is the first English-language film by an Italian filmmaker. "Magnification" was honored with the Palme d'Or at the 1967 Cannes Film Festival and was also nominated for an Academy Award for directing and screenwriting.


The film begins with the morning routine of a young and successful London photographer, Thomas (played by D. Hemmings). Leaving early in the morning from the shelter, where he, disguised as a tramp, took pictures, he returns to his studio, where models are waiting for him for filming. First, he conducts a session with a girl played by the famous Veruschka, and a frame from this shooting is posted on the movie poster. Then, to kill time while waiting for the antique shop to open, Thomas travels to a nearby park where he takes pictures. He is attracted by one couple (a man and a young woman) and secretly photographs her. Noticing Thomas, the woman (played by Vanessa Redgrave) begins to pursue him, trying to take away the camera and demanding to give her the film. The man, meanwhile, disappears. The woman, however, lies in wait for him near the house, and, continuing to demand the film, arouses Thomas's interest in her unusual appearance and aristocratic manners. He gives her another film under the guise of a real one, asks to leave him the phone and lets go. Then he develops the pictures taken in the park and, finding some oddities, notices during the enlargement that an unknown person with a pistol is lurking in the bushes behind a picket fence, and in another picture something like a body lying in the bushes. Trying to call the number Jane gave him, he discovers that no such number exists. Returning to the park in the evening, Thomas discovers the body of the man captured in the picture: apparently, he was shot right after the date. After a trip to the park, Thomas returns to the studio, where he discovers that almost all of the photographic prints and negatives have disappeared. The remaining highly enlarged image, in which the photographer discovered the corpse, due to the large grain, resembles a picture of his other

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