Fuzz (effect)


October 17, 2021

Fuzz (aka Fuzz, Fuzz; more accurate transcription from English Fuzz - Phases) is a guitar effect based on the nonlinear distortion of the sound of an electric guitar by transistor (later, also digital) devices with a complete loss of the signal envelope. Fuzz appeared when trying to get the "overdriven" sound on the first solid-state guitar amplifiers. The main effect is the harmonic distortion of the electric guitar waveform. Later, the sound effect of signal distortion began to be carried out in two ways: by applying too high a signal level to the input of an amplifying device, which with varying degrees of rigidity limits and therefore greatly distorts the signal ("overdrive" and "distortion"), or by using transistor devices for signal processing , rigidly limiting the signal with almost complete loss of the original timbre of the signal and a pronounced "organ" or "clarinet" sound (in fact, this is fuzz). In its simplest form, the circuit consists of a two-transistor amplifier with positive feedback - this circuit is called a Schmitt trigger. The Schmitt trigger is the basis of the fuse. A feature of the circuit is the conversion of the input signal to a rectangular output. Of all the non-linear guitar effects, fuzz sounds the most dramatic and expressive. For multi-voice set-top boxes, a separate pickup and signal processing channel are used for each string. The six-channel scheme is very expensive, cumbersome and difficult to set up (although none of the schemes has been able to give such an expressive and unusual sound as a multi-channel fuzz). To obtain a beautiful and clean sound, simple fuzz circuits are of little use (which, however, is true for distortion with overdrive, and for many other effects), since the fuzz is very sensitive to the parameters of the input signal: noise and interference appear in the form of a crackle with the same level , as well as the useful signal, and distortions of the shape lead to the loss of the main tone at the output. The positive side of the effect is the absence of noise in the pause and insensitivity to low-level interference. To achieve high-quality sound, preliminary preparation of the input signal is necessary: ​​filtering (up to the selection of ne

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