January 24, 2022

London Borough of Hackney (eng. London Borough of Hackney, ˈhækni listen) - one of the 32 London boroughs, located in inner London in the north-eastern part of the city, unofficially called the East End. At the beginning of its history it was a separate settlement. Belongs to the historic county of Middlesex.


Hackney as a London borough was formed in 1965 from an area of ​​scattered metropolitan boroughs: working-class Hackney, Shoreditch and Lower Newwinton. Parts of the borough have a rich history. The Roman Road or Ermine Street forms the district's western boundary. Most of the land of modern Hackney in the pre-Roman era was covered with thickets of oak and walnut forests, and around the small tributaries of the Thames there was a gaping swamp. Hackney was located in the territory of the Catuvellaun tribe. The eastern border of the town was formed by the Li tributary. These were the boundaries of the town until the reign of the Tudor dynasty.


As of the 2011 census, Hackney had a population of 247,200. Of these, 20.7% were children (under 15 years of age), 70.9% of people of working age (from 16 to 64 years old) and 8.4% of the elderly (from 65 years of age and above).

Ethnic composition

Major ethnic groups, according to the 2007 census: 60.9% - white, including 47.1% - white British, 2.6% - white Irish and 11.2% - other whites (Jews, Poles, Russians, Georgians); 22.2% are black, including 10.8% are black Africans (Nigerians, Ghanaians, Sierra Leoneans, Somalis, Tanzanians, Congolese), 9.2% are black Caribbeans (Jamaicans) and 2.2% are other blacks; 8.3% are South Asians, including 2.8% Bengalis, 4.1% Indians and 1.4% Pakistanis; 4.6% mestizo, including 1.6% black Caribbean mixed with whites, 0.8% Asian mixed with whites, 0.8% black Africans mixed with whites and 1.2% - other mestizos; 1.4% are Chinese; 1.0% - other Asians (Turks, Turkish Cypriots, Kurds, Vietnamese, Cambodians, Laotians); 1.6% - others (Algerians, Peruvians).


The most popular religion in the borough is Christianity.


Hackney is home to the White Cube Gallery and Clissold Park.

Famous people

Hackney was the birthplace of English writer Grace Aguilar, football player Hugo Ehiogu and British actor Idris Elba. Actor Asa Butterfield currently resides there. �

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