Kharkov region


July 3, 2022

Kharkiv region (Ukrainian Kharkiv region), colloquial. Kharkiv region (Ukr. Kharkivshchyna) is an administrative-territorial unit in the north-east of Ukraine. Formed February 27, 1932. The administrative center is the Hero City of Kharkiv.

Physico-geographical characteristic

Kharkiv region is located in the north-east of Ukraine, on the watersheds of the rivers of the Don and Dnieper systems, in the steppe and forest-steppe zones. In the north and northeast, it borders on the Belgorod region of Russia, in the east - on Lugansk, in the southeast - on Donetsk, in the southwest - on Dnepropetrovsk, in the west and northwest - on Poltava and Sumy regions of Ukraine. The area is 31,418 km² (5.21% of the territory of Ukraine). In terms of area, the region occupies the fourth place in Ukraine - after Odessa, Chernihiv and Dnipropetrovsk regions. Length: from north to south - 210 km, from east to west - 220 km. The northernmost settlement of the Kharkiv region is the village of Degtyarnoye, Volchansky district (50° 26' 26"; 37° 27' 18"), and the southernmost is the village of Dalokoe, Bliznyukovsky district (48° 34' 21.64"; 36° 19' 49") . The length of the region from the extreme south to the extreme north, therefore, is 1 degree 52 minutes of latitude. The westernmost settlement of the Kharkiv region is the village of Kapranske, Krasnokutsky district (49° 57' 35" ; 34° 53' 32"), and the easternmost is the village of Terny, Dvurechansky district (49° 53' 16" ; 38° 01' 37") . The length of the region from the extreme west to the extreme east, therefore, is 3 degrees and 3 minutes of longitude. The relief of the region is an undulating plain with a slight slope in the southwestern (towards the Dnieper basin) and southeastern (towards the Don basin) directions. The Central Russian Upland enters the northeastern part of the region, and the spurs of the Donetsk Ridge enter the southern part. The highest point of the Kharkiv region is located in the Bogodukhovsky district - to the north-west of the village of Lyutovka. This is a watershed area, part of the Central Russian Upland, the maximum point of which within the Kharkiv region reaches 236.5 meters. The lowest point of the region is located in the Izyum district - south of the village of Pasika (60 m). 75% of the region's water resources are in the Don basin. The main water artery - Seversky Donets - is a right tributary