Chernivtsi region


October 17, 2021

Chernivtsi region (Ukrainian Chernivtska region) is an area in the south-west of Ukraine with the administrative center in the city of Chernivtsi. In the west it borders on the Ivano-Frankivsk region, in the north on Ternopil and Khmelnytsky, in the east on Vinnitsa, in the south it borders on Romania and Moldova.

Physical and geographical characteristics

On the territory of the region there is the highest point of the flat part of Ukraine - Mount Berda.


The region's soils are quite fertile. In the northern part of the region, chernozems prevail: low-humus with a humus content of 5.0% and medium-humus with a humus content of slightly more than 5.5%. Significant areas are occupied by chernozems, as well as podzolized chernozems, dark gray podzolized and gray podzolized soils. In terms of texture, the soils of the northern regions are heavy loamy, the southern ones are light loamy.


The site of Neporotovo VI on the right bank of the Dniester near the village of Neporotovo, Sokiryansky District, belongs to the Gunz-Mindel / Mindel interval (900 and 780 thousand years ago). The three lower layers of the Neporotovo-7 site belong to the Molodov variant of the Levallois industry (marine isotopic stages MIS 6, MIS 5, MIS 4, MIS 3). Near the town of Khotin there are the Middle Paleolithic sites of Ketrosa, Stinka, Osypka, Shipot-2. At the beginning of the Late Pleistocene, about 110-105 thousand years ago, a Mousterian complex with elements of Mikok (Ketros, layer 6 Stink 1) and Levallois coexisted in the region, and a kind of technocomplex, comparable to the Teilac. The Molodov culture is represented by a group of archaeological sites in the Dniester river valley (sites Molodova I, Molodova V, Korman 4). The industry of layer 12 at the Cormagne IV site, attributed to the eighth complex, is comparable to the lower layer at the Stinka I site and differs from the Molodovo Levallois-Moustier. The latest layers of the Molodov I and V sites belong to the end of the Upper Paleolithic, coinciding with the end of the last glaciation. In almost all layers of the Oselivka I, II, and III sites, Upper Paleolithic flint items were found. The remains of a woolly rhino were found in the Mesolithic layer of the Oselivka I site and in the Early Mesolithic layer 1a of the Molodova V site. There were settlements on the territory of Chernivtsi already in the Neolithic period. Settlements of Trypillian were discovered on the outskirts

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