May 28, 2022

Czechoslovakia (Czech Československo, Slovak Česko-Slovensko) is a state in Central Europe that existed from 1918 to 1993. In 1938-1945, the German Protectorate of the Czech Republic and Moravia and the First Slovak Republic existed on the territory of Czechoslovakia, the Sudetenland was annexed to Germany, Southern Slovakia and Subcarpathian Rus - to Hungary, Cieszyn Silesia - to Poland (since 1939 - to Germany). After World War II, it bordered on the German Democratic Republic, the FRG (since 1990 - united Germany), the Polish People's Republic (since 1989 - the Republic of Poland), the Republic of Austria, the People's Republic of Hungary (since 1989 - the Hungarian Republic), the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (since 1991 - Ukraine). Official names 1918-1938 - Czechoslovak Republic (Czech. Československá republika / ČSR /, until 1920 Czechoslovak Republic / Czechoslovakia / (Slovak. Česko-Slovenská republika / ČSR /, Slovak. Republika československá / RČS /). 1938-1939 - Czechoslovak Republic /ČSR/ (Slovak. Česko-Slovenská republika /ČSR/). 1945-1960 - Czechoslovak Republic (Slovak. Československá republika / ČSR /). 1960-1990 - Czechoslovak Socialist Republic / Czechoslovakia / (Slovak. Československá socialistická republika / ČSSR /). 1990 - Czechoslovak Federal Republic / Czechoslovak Federal Republic / CSFR / (Czech Československá federativní republika, Slovak Česko-slovenská federatívna republika / ČSFR /). 1990-1992 - Czech and Slovak Federative Republic / CSFR / (Czech Česká a Slovenská Federativní republika, Slovak Česká a Slovenská Federatívna Republika / ČSFR /).

State system

From the moment of its creation until 1969, Czechoslovakia was a unitary state, since 1948 - a unitary state with the autonomy of Slovakia, since 1969 a federal state consisting of two states - the Czech Republic and Slovakia. За свою историю Чехословакия имела три конституции: Конституционная Хартия Чехословацкой Республики 1920 года (Ústavní listina Československé republiky), принятая Национальным Собранием, Конституция Чехословацкой Республики 1948 года (Ústava Československé republiky) принятая Национальным Учредительным Собранием Чехословацкой Республики (Ústavodárné Národní shromáždění republiky Československé), Конституция Czechoslovak Socialist Republic of 1960 (Ústava Československé socialistické republiky), adopted by the National Assembly. Head of State