Shioshvili, Panteleimon Shioevich


January 24, 2022

Panteleimon (Paktik) Shioevich Shioshvili (July 3, 1906, Ninotsminda - 2001, Moscow) - Major General of the USSR Armed Forces, participant in the Great Patriotic War. Head of the Far Eastern Higher Combined Arms Command School in 1954-1957.


Prewar years

Georgian, from peasants. In the Red Army since September 1924, a member of the CPSU (b) since 1929. He graduated from the Georgian United Military School in 1928. He commanded a platoon and a company in the 133rd Bessarabian regiment of the 45th Volyn division from September 1928 to November 1933. He was commander and political commissar of a company of the 138th rifle regiment in the Ukrainian military district, commander of the 3rd Georgian rifle regiment of the 1st Kutaisi division from November 1933 to May 1934. He began his service in military intelligence in 1937, on December 12, 1935 he was a senior lieutenant. Since September 1937, he headed the 2nd (reconnaissance) part of the headquarters of the 9th mountain rifle division. From December 1938 - Assistant Chief of Staff of the 17th Infantry Division of the Transcaucasian Military District, captain (January 11, 1938). He graduated from the Military Academy of the Red Army named after M. V. Frunze in 1937, in December 1939 he entered the Academy of the General Staff of the Red Army. Major (July 16, 1940), graduated from the Academy in 1941. He spoke English and Japanese.

Great Patriotic War

At the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, he served as senior assistant to the head of the operations department of the 27th Army of the North-Western Front (from July to November 1941). Lieutenant colonel since July 5, 1941. He was slightly wounded and shell-shocked. From January 1942 until the end of the war, he served as deputy chief of staff for intelligence (chief of the intelligence department of headquarters) of the 43rd Army. Promoted to colonel on September 4, 1942. According to the award list dated October 2, 1943, Colonel Shioshvili participated in a reconnaissance operation to reveal the defensive system of the Ribshevskaya and Demidov enemy groups, ensuring the offensive operations of the 43rd Army units and warning the 114th Separate Rifle Brigade and the 143rd Rifle Division of possible enemy counterattacks . According to another award sheet dated July 10, 1944, in preparation for the Vitebsk-Orsha operation, he revealed the actual position of German troops throughout the entire sector of the 43rd Army, from June 22, 1944 in a timely manner

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