Shlemov, Vsevolod Vladimirovich


May 28, 2022

Vsevolod Vladimirovich Shlemov (Ukrainian Vsevolod Volodimirovich Shlemov; July 13, 1932, Odessa - February 15, 2021) - Soviet and Ukrainian cameraman-director of combined filming. Honored Worker of Culture of Ukraine (1994).


Graduated from the Odessa School of Projectionists. From 1958 he worked at the Odessa Film Studio. For many years, a member of the Board of the Odessa branch of the National Union of Cinematographers of Ukraine, one of the first winners of the highest award for Odessa filmmakers - the title of "Legend of the Odessa Film Studio". Shlemov V.V. was one of the creators of the logo of the Odessa Film Studio, as well as the author of the famous bell, the sound of which (rynda) began the films of this studio. Member of the National Union of Cinematographers of Ukraine.


1994 - Honored Worker of Culture of Ukraine 2013 - Honorary distinction of the chairman of the Odessa Regional State Administration


Cinematographer of combined filming at the Odessa Film Studio in films: "Dangerous Tour" (1969), "Step from the Roof" (1970) "Blue Sky" (1971), "Insolence" (1971), "Horsemen" (1972, t / f, 2 s), "Turn on the Northern Lights" (1972) "Stories about Keshka and his friends" (1973, t / f, 3 s), "The Journey of Mrs. Shelton" (1974), "Captain Nemo" (1975, t / f, 3 s), "Flowers for Olya" (1976), Vesnukhin's Fantasies (1977, t / f, 2s), "Prison Break" (1977), "They drove a chest of drawers through the streets" (1978), "Hippodrome" (1979), "The Adventures of Electronics" (1980, t / f, 3s), "Only in the Music Hall" (1980), "School" (1980, t / f, 3s), "Waiting" (1981, t / f, 2s), "Third Dimension" (1981, t / f, 3c), "Magicians" (1982, t / f, 2c), "The trust that burst" (1982, t / f, 3c), "Green Van" (1983, t / f, 2s), "What Senka had" (1984), "Tales of the old wizard" (1984), "Two versions of one collision" (1984), "Give us men!" (1985) "A Million in a Marriage Basket" (1985), "Don't come without your son!" (1986) "Wingspan" (1986), Stargazer (1986, t / f, 3s), "It's not always summer in Crimea" (1987, t / f, 2s), "The Chosen One of Fate" (1987), "Rock and Roll for Princesses" (1990, t / f, 2c), "Parrot Speaking Yiddish" (1990), "Unidentified Person" (1990), "To hell with us" (1991), "Man K" (1992), "Time X" (1992), "Men's Company" (1993), "Secret Echelon" (1993), "The Wizard of the Emerald City" (1993), "Smell of Autumn" (1993), "I love" (1994), "Train to Brooklyn" (1995), "Score on the gravestone" (1