1307 year


October 17, 2021

1307 (one thousand three hundred seventh) year according to the Julian calendar is a common year starting on Sunday. This is 1307 AD, 307 of the 2nd millennium, 7th year of the 14th century, 7th year of the 1st decade of the 14th century, 8th year of the 1300s.


Power Struggle Among Yuan Dynasty Members After Temur's Death (February 2). On April 4, the prince of Ayurbaribad captures the palace in Dadu and arrests the Dowager Empress Bulukhan and the pretender to the throne Ananda. The brother of Ayurbaribada, Khaisan, becomes the emperor and kaan, which is followed by formal confirmation at the assembled kurultai (June 21). February - Battle of Tarnberry. Invasion of the Scots. February 9/10 - Battle of Loch Ryan: British victory over Scots. April - Battle of Glen Trule: Scottish Victory May 10 - Battle of Loudon Hill: Emer de Valens defeated by Robert the Bruce. May 31 - Battle of Luke: Frederick I The bitten ruler of Meissen from the House of Wettins defeated the troops of King Albrecht I of Austria. On July 4, Rudolf Habsburg died (of dysentery-?) During a military campaign against the rebellious Czech nobility. The throne was freed again, and on August 15, Henryk Horutansky became king of Bohemia again. October 13 - arrest and imprisonment of all knights of the Order of the Templars in France by order of Philip IV. December - Battle of Slioch. The city of Lyon was returned to the Kingdom of France. March - The troops of the Bishop of Vercelli defeat the insurgent peasants. Dolcino was taken prisoner and burned. In the fall, the trial begins against Jacques de Molay and the Knights Templar. Isabella de Villardouin handed over the Achaean principality to the Neapolitan king Charles II of Anjou, who gave it to his son Philip of Tarentum to rule. The Polotsk land became part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. The Seljuk Rum sultanate in Asia Minor finally disintegrated into ten emirates, dependent on the Mongol governor in Aksaray. In 1307, the magnates at a meeting in Rakosz again proclaimed Karl Robert King of Hungary, but the richest aristocrats (Matush Cak and Laszlo Kahn) ignored the convention. After the death of Emir Kutlug Shah in Gilan, Choban became the ulus emir (amir-i ulus). On September 30, he was married to Ilkhan's daughter Oljeytu. Mongol raids on India stopped

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