13 october


October 23, 2021

October 13 is the 286th day of the year (287th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 79 days left until the end of the year. Until October 15, 1582 - October 13 according to the Julian calendar, from October 15, 1582 - October 13 according to the Gregorian calendar. In the XX and XXI centuries corresponds to September 30 of the Julian calendar.

Holidays and memorable days


UN - International Day for Disaster Reduction.


Azerbaijan - Day of workers of the Azerbaijani railway.


Orthodoxy - memory of Hieromartyr Gregory Bishop, Enlightener of Greater Armenia (about 335); - memory of the martyrs Hripsimia, Gaiania and 35 holy virgins with them (beginning of the 4th century); - memory of St. Michael, the first metropolitan of Kiev (992); - memory of the Monk Gregory of Pelshem, the Vologda wonderworker (1442); - memory of the holy martyr Procopius Popov, presbyter (1918); - memory of the holy martyrs Pyotr Solovyov, Vyacheslav Zankov, Peter Pushkin, Simeon Lileev, Vasily Guriev, Alexander Orlov, presbyters, Seraphim Vasilenko, deacon, Martyr Alexandra (Chervyakova), Martyrs Alexy Serebrennikov and Matthew 19


Until the 19th century

54 The wife of the Roman emperor Claudius poisoned him with mushrooms. Nero Claudius Caesar Drusus Germanicus is declared Emperor of the Roman Empire under the name Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus. 1307 - by order of King Philip IV de France, all French Templars were arrested at the same time. 1479 - Hungarian troops defeated the Turks at the Bread Field. 1492 - Columbus first landed on the coast of the New World (island of San Salvador). 1534 - Pope Paul III came to the throne. 1582 - In Italy and other Catholic countries, the Julian calendar (old style) was replaced by the Gregorian (new style). 1644 - During the Danish-Swedish War, the combined Swedish-Dutch fleet under the command of Carl Gustav Wrangel defeats the Danish fleet at the Battle of Fehmarn. 1675 - Dutch physicist Christian Huygens patented a pocket watch. 1775 - The Second Continental Congress passed a resolution establishing the Continental Fleet, which later became

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