May 28, 2022

year 1607 (one thousand six hundred and seven) The Gregorian calendar is a non-leap year starting on Monday. it 1607 AD 607th year of the 2nd millennium, 7th year of the 17th century, 7th year of the 1st decade of the 17th century, 8th year 1600s. He passed 415 years ago.


April 25 - Dutch fleet destroys Spanish squadron at the Battle of Gibraltar May 1 - after the defeat of the tsarist troops in the battle of Pchelna, Bolotnikov successfully lifts the siege of Kaluga June 5 - Battle on the Vosma River between government troops and the rebel army during the uprising of I. I. Bolotnikov in 1606-1607. June 12 - Battle on the Voronya River between the tsarist troops and the rebel army. June 12 - The appearance in Starodub of a new contender for the throne - False Dmitry II (Tushinsky thief), who is also supported by the Poles and Cossacks. October 10 - The capture of Tula by the tsarist troops and the suppression of the uprising of Ivan Bolotnikov November-December - Unsuccessful siege of Bryansk by the army of False Dmitry II Europe Peasant uprising in England (the so-called "Midland revolt") Peasant uprisings in the central counties of England (Northamptonshire, Leicestershire) against enclosures. Rebellion of the lower classes in Donauwert. Suppressed. Maximilian of Bavaria added Donauwert to his possessions. Summer - "Rokoshan" in Poland defeated by Hetman Zolkiewski. Peasant unrest in Western Ukraine. Jan 30 - Bristol Bay flood May 1 - Beginning of Henry Hudson's polar expedition to find a northern route from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. America May 13 - Not far from Cape Henry in the Chesapeake Bay (US East Coast, Virginia), the first permanent settlement of Europeans in North America was founded on the island. The first permanent English colony in North America is Virginia (settlers of the London Company). On May 24, Jamestown was founded. Torres arrived in the Philippine Islands and presented a report on his discoveries to the authorities in Manila.

Science and art

Galileo Galilei expressed the idea of ​​the finiteness of the speed of propagation of light and conducted experiments to determine it. Halley's comet once again visited the solar system. Abrosian Library in Milan founded. Today, there are more than 30,000 ancient manuscripts in its funds.