1611 year


July 6, 2022

The year 1611 (one thousand six hundred and eleven) of the Gregorian calendar is a common year beginning on Saturday. This is the year 1611 AD, the 611th year of the 2nd millennium, the 11th year of the 17th century, the 1st year of the 2nd decade of the 17th century, the 2nd year of the 1610s. It ended 411 years ago.


The English King James I dissolved Parliament because of the refusal to vote subsidies to the king. An "authorized translation" of the Protestant Anglican Bible, known as the King (James) Bible, has been published in England. This version of the Bible is still widely used in the English-speaking world today. Johannes Meursius carried out the first printed edition of the treatise "On the Administration of the Empire", under the title "De administrando imperio", which later became generally accepted. The author of the treatise, Constantine VII Porphyrogenitus, was the grandfather of Anna of Byzantium (the wife of Grand Duke Vladimir Svyatoslavich, the Baptist of Russia). 1611-1613 - The Danes stopped the expansion of the Swedes to the north, to the Arctic Ocean, and to the south, to the straits. Prince Federico Cesi (Italian Federico Cesi) first used the word "telescope". March 2 - Capture of Korela by the Swedes. Summer - The Swedes began operations in the Novgorod land. Czech armed forces are organized in Prague, headed by Count Thurn. March 11 - King of Bohemia (Kingdom of Bohemia) Matvey Habsburg (reigned 1611-1617). Matthias formally confirmed the Letter of Majesty, but in fact he violated it. March 19-20 - Uprising in Moscow. Burning the city. The Poles crushed the uprising. March 21 - The advanced units of the First Militia approached Moscow. April 1 - Beginning of the siege of Moscow. June 3 - Capture of Smolensk by the Poles. March 23, the appearance of False Dmitry III in Ivangorod. July 16 - Jacob Delagardie takes Novgorod. Unsuccessful attempt to take Pskov. Campaigns of the Swedes to Kem and Lake Onega. Actions in Karelia of Russian partisans, including Likharev's detachment. Summer 1611 - Hendrik Brouwer opened a new route (Brauwer Route) to the Netherlands East Indies. October 12 - King of Sweden (1611-1632) Gustav II Adolf is crowned. November 16 - Elector of Brandenburg John III Sigismund brought homage to the Polish king Sigismund III and became the heir to the Duchy of Prussia. 1611-1642 - Khan of Bukhara Imamkuli. He strengthened his power and made several major raids on the Kazakh steppes.