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The year 1761 (one thousand seven hundred and sixty-one) in the Gregorian calendar is a common year beginning on a Thursday. This is the year 1761 AD, the 761st year of the 2nd millennium, the 61st year of the 18th century, the 1st year of the 7th decade of the 18th century, the 2nd year of the 1760s.


January 14 - in the battle near the Indian city of Panipat, the 90,000-strong Afghan army (under the command of Ahmad Shah Durrani), in alliance with Indian Muslim detachments, completely destroyed the army of the Maratha princes. January 15 - Capitulation of Pondicherry. Lally is recalled from India to France, declared the culprit of the defeat and executed. December 16 - The garrison of the Kolberg fortress surrendered to the Russian troops of P. A. Rumyantsev. "Family pact" of Spain and France: defensive and offensive alliance. Sikh uprising in Punjab. Khan rebellion in Afghanistan. The Afghans were expelled from the Punjab, the country was divided into 12 misals between the Sikh Serdars. The destruction of the "Golden Temple" of the Sikhs in Amritsar. Hyder Ali became the Sultan of Mysore. He stopped paying tribute to the Marathas and blocked their raids into South India. Mir Qasim was placed on the throne of Bengal instead of Mir Jafar. Defeat of the Jesuits in Paraguay. M. V. Lomonosov discovered the atmosphere of Venus.




See also: Category:Born in 1761 May 6 – Stanislav Bonifatsy Yundzill, Lithuanian naturalist, professor at Vilna University. July 19 – Vasily Vladimirovich Petrov, Russian physicist (d. August 5 – Evstigney Ipatievich Fomin, Russian composer (d. August 19 – Adrian Dmitrievich Zakharov, Russian architect (d. 1811) Dmitry Semyonovich Shishkov - Acting State Councilor, Major General, Governor of the Ryazan and Tambov provinces. (d. 1820).

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See also: Category:Dead in 1761 April 7 – Thomas Bayes, English mathematician, author of one of the key theorems in elementary probability theory (born 1702)

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