1773 year


October 17, 2021

1773 (one thousand seven hundred seventy third) year according to the Gregorian calendar - a common year, starting on Friday. This is 1773 AD, 773 of the 2nd millennium, 73rd of the 18th century, 3rd year of the 8th decade of the 18th century, 4th year of the 1770s.


Foundation of the First Technical Institute of Russia - St. Petersburg Mining University. Spring - Creation of Correspondence Committees in Virginia and other colonies. The British Parliament passed the "tea law". A movement in the colonies for a boycott of tea. March - Russian troops resumed hostilities. Rumyantsev's troops crossed the Danube. A. V. Suvorov defeated the Turks at Turtukai, Girsov and Kozludzhi. July 3 - near the village of Kainardzha, one of the battles of the Russian-Turkish war took place. July 21 - the bull "Dominus ac Redemptor Noster" Pope Clement XIV abolished the Jesuit Order. The property was subject to confiscation in favor of the secular authorities. General of the Order of the Jesuits Ricci imprisoned in the fortress of St. Angela where he died. The order continued to exist only in Prussia and Russia. September 17 (28) - from the Budarinsky outpost up the Yaik to the Yaitsky town, a detachment of Yaik Cossacks under the leadership of EI Pugachev advanced, which was the beginning of the Peasant War of 1773-1775. October 13 - The Whirlpool Galaxy is discovered by Charles Messier. November 1 - by the decree of Empress Catherine II, the Mining Institute was founded - the first higher technical institution in Russia. December 16 - "Boston Tea Party" - a protest action of the colonists in Boston, which marked the beginning of the war for the independence of the British colonies in North. America. Clive appeared before the House of Commons on charges of embezzlement and extortion in India. The House of Commons acknowledged the facts, but for the "services of England" decided to dismiss the case. The Polish Sejm approved the partition of Poland. The independence of the Araucanian country was recognized by the Spaniards. Construction on the river Omutnaya (Omutnitsa) of an iron-smelting plant and the settlement of Osokino named after the founder, Lieutenant Colonel Osokin. Since 1921 the city of Omutninsk.





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