May 28, 2022

1796 (one thousand seven hundred and ninety-six) The Gregorian calendar is a leap year starting on Friday. it 1796 AD 796th year of the 2nd millennium, 96th year of the XVIII century, 6th year of the 10th decade of the 18th century, 7th year 1790s. He passed 226 years ago.


France and her wars

February 19 (30th pluviosis of the IV year) - the issue of banknotes was stopped in France. February 23 (Vantose 5, Year IV) - General Bonaparte is placed at the head of the French army sent to northern Italy. March 19 (28 vantoza IV year) - banknotes are withdrawn from circulation and replaced by a new monetary unit - territorial mandates. March 20 (29 vantoza IV year) - in Haiti, the troops of the rebel mulattoes captured the city of Cap and arrested the French governor, General Laveau. March 30 (Germinal 10, Year IV) - The "Secret Directory of Public Salvation" is created in France - the conspiracy of Babeuf, Buonarroti, Darte. They were joined by Rossignol, Drouet. April 11 (22 Germinal IV year) - the beginning of the general offensive of the French armies. 1796, April - 1797, October - the first Italian campaign of the French troops. Four Austrian armies were successively defeated. April 12 (23 Germinal IV) - Bonaparte defeated the Austrian troops at Montenotte. April 18 (27-28 Germinal 4th year) - The Council of Five Hundred approved the "Maille Law" on the introduction of the death penalty for propaganda and calls for the overthrow of the existing system, the restoration of the monarchy, the constitutions of 1791 and 1793 or the agrarian law. April 24 (Floreal 5, Year IV) - The last issue of Babeuf's newspaper, The Tribune of the People, was published. April 28 (Floreal 9, 4th year) - The Kingdom of Sardinia concludes a truce with France. May 5 (Floreal 15, Year IV) - Captain Georges Griselle informs Directory member Lazar Carnot of Babeuf's "Conspiracy of Equals". May 10 (Floreal 20, 4th year) - the defeat of the Austrian troops by General Bonaparte at Lodi. May 11 (Floreal 21, Year IV) - The French police arrested Babeuf and Buonarroti in an apartment on Rue Grande Truanderie and seized the archive of the movement. The next day, Darte and other conspirators are captured at the apartment of the carpenter Dufour. May 15 (Floreal 25, IV) Milan is taken by the French. June 4 (10 Prairial of the IV year) - the beginning of the siege of Mantua. June 19 - The Austrians defeat the French at the Battle of Kirchheim. June 29 - French