October 17, 2021

1805 (one thousand eight hundred and five) year according to the Gregorian calendar - a common year, starting on Tuesday. This is 1805 AD, 805 of the 2nd millennium, 5th year of the 19th century, 5th year of the 1st decade of the 19th century, 6th year of the 1800s.


War of the Third Coalition, also known as the Russo-Austro-French War of 1805 The Moscow Society of Nature Experts, one of the oldest scientific societies in Russia, was created. The third university in the Russian Empire was opened - Kharkov. The city of Novocherkassk was founded January 11 - Creation of the Michigan Territory. February 5 - British ship "Earl of Abergavenny" sank near Portland Bill; killed 263 people. March 1 - Senate dropped all charges against Judge Samuel Chase. March 4 - Thomas Jefferson joins his second presidential term. March 17 - Creation of the Kingdom of Italy by Napoleon. April 25 - in the Haitian Empire, by order of Emperor Jacob I, the entire white population (except for priests, doctors and some artisans) was massacred. Whites are prohibited from acquiring property on the island. April 29 - Rutger Jan Schimmelpennink is appointed by Napoleon the great pensioner of the Batavian Republic. May 26 - the Karabakh Khanate is annexed to Russia. May 20 - The Haitian Empire repeals the 1801 constitution adopted under François Toussaint-Louverture. In June, it was replaced by the new constitution of Emperor Jacob I. May 26 - Coronation of Napoleon in the Milan Cathedral. June 2 - Sheki Khanate annexed to Russia. June 4 - The First Barbary War between Tripoli and the USA ends. July 9 - Muhammad Ali Pasha founded his dynasty in Egypt. July 27 - Earthquake in Molise and Campania killed 5,573 people. October 17 - the Austrian army of Karl Mack surrounded by the French capitulates at Ulm (Battle of Ulm). October 21 - Battle of Cape Trafalgar. November 7 - Lewis and Clarke's expedition reaches the Pacific Ocean. November 13 - French army enters Vienna. December 2 - Battle of Austerlitz. December 26 - Peace of Presburg, collapse of the Third Coalition.





See also: Category: 1805 births April 2 - Hans Christian Andersen, Danish writer. May 23 - Johann Heinrich Buff, German chemist and physicist; member of the Bavarian and Goetty

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