January 24, 2022

1814 (one thousand eight hundred and fourteenth) year according to the Gregorian calendar is a common year starting on Saturday. This is the year 1814 AD, the year 814 of the 2nd millennium, the 14th year of the 19th century, the 4th year of the 2nd decade of the 19th century, the 5th year of the 1810s.


Kuznetsky Most received the status of a street. January 3 – During the War of the Sixth Coalition, the siege of Metz begins. January 14 - Great Britain and Sweden sign the Kiel Peace Treaties with Denmark, an ally of France. Denmark ceded Norway to Sweden in exchange for Pomerania and the island of Rügen, and also received its former colonies from Great Britain, except for the island of Helgoland. February 10-14 - Napoleon's Six Day War. March 30 - The Russian army stormed the Montmartre heights. March 31 - The Parisian garrison surrendered to the Russian army. April 6 – Napoleon I abdicates in favor of his son Napoleon II. On the same day, Napoleon II was removed from power by Louis XVIII. May 4 - Returning to Spain, King Ferdinand VII abolished the Constitution of Cadiz. May 30 - The Peace of Paris is signed between France on the one hand and Russia, Great Britain, Austria, Prussia, Sweden, Spain and Portugal on the other. June 23 - The army of the government of Buenos Aires entered Montevideo, the Spanish garrison capitulated. July 5 - Anglo-American War, Battle of Chippewa. July 6 - Simon Bolivar left Caracas with the remnants of his army and began to retreat east along the Caribbean coast. August 18 - Royalist forces defeat Bolívar's retreating army near Barcelona, ​​Venezuela. August 24 - During the Anglo-American War, British troops captured Washington. The White House and the Capitol were burned down. October 22 - Congress in Apatzingana adopted the first constitution of Mexico, proclaiming it a republic, guaranteeing the equality of citizens before the law, as well as freedom of speech and the press. December 12 - Simon Bolivar's army enters Bogotá. Cundinamarca became part of the federation of New Granada. December 24 - The Treaty of Ghent is signed, ending the Anglo-American War of 1812-1814.





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