1846 year


July 3, 2022

1846 (thousand eight hundred forty-sixth) year on The Gregorian calendar is a common year starting on Thursday. it 1846 AD 846th year of the 2nd millennium, 46th year of the XIX century, 6th year of the 5th decade of the 19th century, 7th year 1840s. It ended 176 years ago.


February 10 - The Galician uprising broke out in the northeast of the Austrian Empire. Suppressed in April. February 20 - The Polish democratic society raised an uprising in Krakow, which should be the beginning of an all-Polish uprising. February 22 - Polish patriots who captured the Krakow Republic formed the National Government of the Polish Republic in Krakow. Yan Tyssovsky became the dictator of the uprising. February 27 - Eduard Dembovsky, one of the leaders of the Krakow uprising, died near Krakow. March 1 - Rebellion in the Republic of Haiti. The rebels proclaimed General Jean-Baptiste Richet president. March 3 - The Russian and Austrian armies take Krakow, crushing the Krakow uprising of 1846. March 24 - In the Republic of Haiti, the rebels overthrew President Jean-Louis Pierrot. General Jean-Baptiste Richet became president. April 23 - The Mexican-American War begins. May 8 - Battle of Palo Alto, first battle of the Mexican-American War. May 13 - The United States of America officially declares war on Mexico. May 15 - The Imperial Russian Archaeological Society was founded in St. Petersburg. May 16 - the first navigation of the Volga steamer began on the Volga. June 1 - Argentine dictator Juan Manuel de Rosas disbands the "People's Society for the Restoration" (masorca). June 23 - Belgian craftsman Adolf Sax receives a patent for his invention - a new wind instrument named after the author. July 8 - the first St. Petersburg Sailing Yacht Club in Russia was organized. [when?] September 23 - The planet Neptune is discovered. October 16 is considered the birthday of anesthesiology: at the Massachusetts General Hospital, dentist William Morton for the first time lulled a young man with sulfuric ether, whom the surgeon John Warren performed an operation to remove a submandibular vascular tumor. November 6 - The Russian Empire, Prussia and the Austrian Empire signed an agreement under which the Krakow Republic was liquidated.